I am currently in GITA, which stands for
Global IT Academy. As a computer science class,
Students learn how to code multiple languages.

My favorite food is tacos because
all of the ingredients used to make them
are combined to make a jesus food.

My nationality would be Korean-American.
Both of my parents were born from Korea,
but I Was born in America.

My favorite game to play to get rid of extra time is Overwatch.

A TV-show that I like to watch in my free time is Naruto.

I like to play tennis competitively and casually.

My favorite movie of all time is Doctor Strange.

I joined a club called Red Cross
and I am trying to build volunteer hours.

Another club that I joined this year was UNICEF,
and this organization works to help the unfortunate around the world.

Last year, I learned how to code
on a Window's app called Visual Studio.

I want a BMW when I get my license.

My favorite candy is Sour Patch Strawberries. Very good.

My favorite ride at Knott's is Xcelerator.

I used to go to church I forgot why
I don't go anymore.

I like eating Poptarts as a snack
even though they are extremely unhealthy.