Russian Media Influence

How are Russian hackers affecting American news and politics?

Tech Page

Want to learn about Samsung's upcoming foldable smartphones?

Tech Page with Rollovers

A little more information from updated rollover images.

Business Card

Contact Information on a business card.


Random stuff about me.

Pet Store

Take a virtual trip to a pet store and buy animal food!

Pet Store with Radio Buttons

More options for customers and consumers!


My secret ingredients to my favorite recipe, reveiled:


Try out your luck on this dice program.

Xtreme Coding

Join GITA to learn about Xtreme Coding and how beneficial it can be!

Circle Bounce

My secret ingredients to my favorite recipe, reveiled:

Space Invader

Watch an alien invader travel closer and closer to you.

Space Invader AI

Fight off aliens in a virtual game!

Fish Aquarium

Watch fish get eaten by a shark.

Multi-Fish Upgrades

Add custom fish to a dangerous fish tank!

Ninja Cyber Safety Academy

Stay protected against online danger!

Number Arrays

Generate random numbers if you want to waste time.

La Kung Fu

Come take a look at my website on a traditional Chinese restaurant!