About Me

Kyle Jung - GITA 3 Junior

Current Academics:

As of right now, I am suffering from my decision to take 4 AP classes: Physics, Calc A/B, Lang, and USH. I am also taking GITA 3 and Chinese 3 as my elective classes. For GITA 3 in particular, we are learning how to use Adobe Flash for making projects and enhancing our personal websites with new coding elements.

Academic Goals:

I am aiming for straight A's for this year, and I want to get 4's or 5's on the 6 AP tests that I am taking this year. I am taking 4 tests for the AP classes that I am enrolled in, and an additional 2 for Computer Science Principles and Environmental Science. I also want to attain 800's on two SAT Subject tests: Math 2 & Physics. On my SAT, I would like to get a 1500.


At BOHS, I am involved in multiple clubs: Red Cross (Secretary), STEMUp4Youth (Co-President), Brea Music Healers (Publicist), PhiDe (Publicist), Association of Sleepers (Secretary), Link Crew (Ambassadar), Robotics (Junior Lead Programmer), NHS (Member), & CyberPatriot (Member).


I am utter trash at athletics, but I am on Varsity Tennis. I like playing this sport because it requires a lot of strategy; I value this quality in a game because it encourages the individual player to be patient and vigilant. Ultimately, the entire team has to work together in singles and doubles games to beat other high school teams.


The majority of my hours come from the Brea Library's Summer Reading Program. I also regularly attend American Red Cross' Sound the Alarm events; this program allows volunteers to install smoke alarms in mobile homes for the purpose of spreading fire safety instructions for the residents. In addition, I am a tutoring volunteer at Willow Tree Academy.


I really want to go to UCSD after college, for I wanted to go there ever since I visited the campus in junior high with my family. The major I want to go into is Computer Science, for I love what I do in GITA, Robotics, and CyberPatriot. After college, I want to become a computer engineer.



2018 - 2019






This is the tale of the flying tree, Kyrios. Through this project, I learned how to combine my creativity and HTML code into my avatar.


Greeting Card


Happy National Tree Day! I learned how to use the basics of Flash to create a weirder version of the legendary Kyrios.




Good morning. Good night. I learned how to use motion & shape tweens for a visually-pleasing project.




Yay, Club Penguin got reuploaded illegally! I learned how to use effects and tweens to recreate Club Penguin's Card-jitsu game.


Hell Sloths


Oh no, there are sloths coming from the sky! Become engrossed into this tribute of the original Hell Sloths. We learned how to make a webpage that combines the elements of Flash and HTML.




Do you want to be a professional paper airplane maker? Alright! I can help you out on your journey through this tutorial video. I learned how to make an instructional video by using ActionScript and buttons in Adobe Flash.




Spirits are everywhere! Check out this soundboard for the Studio Ghibli movie Spirited Away. I learned how to incorporate sounds into buttons through this project.


Child's Game


Have you ever just wanted to become a child again, free of all stress? Well, I may have a very temporary solution for you. Try out this game directed for children and you might actually get a break from reality. Through this project, I learned how to use more advanced action code to make a clicker game.




This project is a tribute to the original Pong game. We used movie clips in our code in order to control the movement of the paddles and ping pong.




This game allows the player to control a 2-D submarine in the ocean. The submarine causes surrounding fish to avoid it. We used what we learned in our bunniesWF notes to make a Sub version of it.


Space Odyssey


This game is a no-gravity space odyssey simulation. The player can spawn and remove spaceships, asteroids, and astronauts.


Contact Info

If you have any inquiries about GITA, feel free to ask me through email.